Open Wing(™) Advanced Kit




This kit includes Open Wing() 2 servo mounts (either Micro, Emax, Savox, or Standard), 1 motor mount, 2 Pattern Plates with a 50×50 pattern and 150×50 pattern, 4 50mm standofs, and 12 OW square nut fasteners with 12 square nuts (push press them into square nut fasteners using pliers), 6 OW screw fasteners, and 12 m3 screws of length 20mm, 3 of Open Wing Clamp Mounts for 10x10mm square carbon tubes, 2 of Open Wing Mini Clamp Mounts for 10x10mm square carbon tubes, with 5 thumb screws and T-nuts, allowing the modular mounts to slide on the square tube rail.

Additional information

OW Servo Mount Type

Micro, Emax, Savox, Standard


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